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SpectraRad (380-750nm)

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The SpectraRad is a miniature TE Cooled Spectral Irradiance Meter designed for industrial and lab applications with a USB 2.0 interface. The SpectraRad is equipped with a right angle, fiber-optically coupled cosine corrective lens, and is irradiance calibrated against a NIST traceable tungsten light source.

BWSpec software is provided for characterization and measurement of many application lighting devices and systems. Standard software features include time line recording, data smoothing, illuminance (lux), chromaticity, color temperature, externally triggered pulsed light capturing, and other data-handling functions.

This spectral irradiance meter is ideal for lamp and LED characterization, color analysis, solar studies, photostability testing, photobiology and photochemistry.

Custom configurations available upon request.
The SpectraRad offers significant improvements over traditional filter based technology instruments. Filter based instruments have been desired for certain properties (cost, speed and portability) but lack the resolution to accurately describe the spectral characteristics of a light source.

Filter based instruments only acquire average three data points across the entire spectrum of light to yield colorimetric values. This is accomplished by the use of filters corresponding to the normal human eye response. These filters can only be manufactured to a certain degree of accuracy.

Due to these facts, filter based meters are susceptible to errors because of the deviation of the filter response from the ideal human eye response and the lack of resolution needed to accurately describe narrow bandwidth light sources. The SpectraRad avoids these problems at a comparable cost, higher speed and small footprint because it acquires hundreds of data points across the visible spectrum. The 2048 pixel linear CCD array provides the precision required to accurately measure narrow bandwidth light sources or LEDs. Having multiple sensors also enables the unit to report spectral data and display spectral graphs, making it the ideal instrument for evaluating LEDs, which is today's dominant light source.
Spectral Range: 380nm - 750nm, 350-1050nm, 250-800nm, 750-1050nm,
                         and custom configurations upon request
Spectral Resolution: <1.5nm
Irradiance Range: 25 nW/cm2/nm - 4 mW/cm2/nm
Detector Type: 2048 element linear silicon CCD array

Detector Type: Response Enhanced 2048 element linear silicon CCD array
External Trigger: Aux Port
Computer Interface: USB 2.0 / 1.1
Data Transfer Speed: Up to 180 spectra per second via USB 2.0
DC Power Input: 5V DC < 1.5 Amps

Integration Time: 5 ~ 65,535ms x multiplier
Operating Systems: Windows: XP, Vista (32-bit), 7 (32-bit)

Operating Temperature: 15°C - 35°C
Operational Relative Humidity: 85% Noncondensing
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